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Designer Spotlight: James Lillis for Black Milk Clothing

I don't know when my fascination with nebulae and galaxies started (hipster status, represent? Just kidding.) but when I tried looking for clothing with nebulas and galaxies, my search fell short. I either had cheap looking shirts that didn't even feature a nebula print-- or I had to lust over Christopher Kane's Resort '11 collection featuring a heavy amount of nebulae and space of which I could not afford.

Then out of the abyss came James Lillis' Black Milk Clothing line. A lifesaver by any means... Australian-based James Lillis started his leggings line in 2009. With a slow start, he slowly began to develop a cult following and is now one of the better leggings designers, with his collection available online. He also designs other items of clothing-- but his main focus is on leggings and swimsuits (at the current moment.)

Here are a few sprinklings of what I LOVE in his collection. I honestly just want to buy the whole store.
The Gold Cages.
 $150.00 (US) 
Silver Straps
Velvet Bell Bottoms (very in right now with the 70's trend!)
Sick of Men Leggings
Wolf Swimsuit
Black Ribs Swimsuit
Now, I'm aware that we all aren't made of money these days (especially with the economy...) but these are high-quality and handmade. He has a small team of people who help him make these beautifully printed swimsuits. Sizing is usually XS to L, but if you email their customer service (Linda, who is the nicest customer service representative ever! So helpful) they can make you a custom size for only $5.00 each piece. :)

Honestly, these are investment pieces. If you can justify wearing them with the price, it'll be well worth your while. Shipping to the United States (it is Australia, after all) is an additional $15.00, but if you follow their facebook group-- they usually offer sneak peeks and discount codes.

When I finally go home and get my packages, I'll definitely show you what they look like on and hopefully I can create an outfit.


Hey Says: Fashion Tribute to Elizabeth Taylor

Fashion Tribute: Elizabeth Taylor

Last week, the world lost a legend, a magnificent Actress, a devoted philanthropist, and a divine beauty. I wanted to take this opportunity to hold a tribute for one of my favorite actresses of all time, Dame Elizabeth Taylor.

Liz's clothing and jewelry were legendary, and beautiful, she graced the silver screen in magnificent motion picture productions like, "Cat on A Hot Tin Roof," "Butterfield 8," "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf," and "A Place in the Sun." The two time Academy Award Winner for Best Actress was known for her exquisite fashion sense, her clothes became timeless staples in the fashion world, and pop culture as we know it.

For instance, her 1961 Oscar dress, which was a beautiful yellow top, white ball gown skirt with a green sash and red rose was elegant and divine, and truly expressed her beauty as she accepted her Best Actress Oscar for her wicked performance in Butterfield 8. Besides the dress, her hair was perfectly made into a beautiful effortless coif.

She graced the Best Dressed list for countless years, in 1970, she wore an Edith Head light blue ensemble accessorized with a beautiful jeweled necklace, which showed her ability to recreate her style as an aging actress in Hollywood.

Liz's best fashion moments also came from her memorable screen performances. For instance, in Cat On A Hot Tin Roof, she wore a simple, yet sexy white dress, which epitomized women's fashion in the 1950's. It seemed that by this time, anything Liz wore, was magique!

As a Golden Age Hollywood mega-fan, I am honored to write about Elizabeth Taylor, I think we can all agree that she was the monumental actress of her time, an angelic beauty, and sex icon. She aged beautifully as the years went on, and didn't stop her reign as Queen of the beauties. The world is very lucky to have witnessed Liz's transformation from young, innocent child star into an international sensation.

Personally, I will miss her very much, I will cherish her movies and her luscious style that will forever be timeless, and will forever awe audiences forevermore.

From He Wore She Wore,
This is Diér.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Music: Spring is here!

I'm probably jumping the gun a bit, since the weather in Omaha is pretty unpredictable... I mean, just last week it was around 60 degrees out, and now it's snowing again. What's up with that?

Anyway, I've compiled a spring playlist that either makes you wish it were spring, or celebrate the fact that spring is here! :) I realize a lot of these songs have fruit in their names. Oh well. More spring and fruit for all of us! I won't go into detail, but these just evoke that spring vibe. Either because they are happy and cheerful and remind me of flowers blooming, or because they are like relaxing spring nights. Either way, these are on top of my list for spring.

HE WORE|SHE WORE's Spring Playlist!

  1. The Winter from her Leaving- William Fitzsimmons
  2. Apple- Joe Brooks
  3. Cherry Blossom Tree- Lux Lisbon
  4. Claire's Ninth- Ben Folds
  5. All the Flowers- Bibio
  6. Gone- Caroline
  7. Sweet Tanzini- Ferraby Lionheart
  8. Generator 2nd Floor- Freelance Whales
  9. Intertwined- Maggie Bjorklund
  10. Perfectly Crystal - Asobi Seksu

    Music: Submarine OST

    If you've never heard of Alex Turner, then you've probably heard of the band he fronts: The Arctic Monkeys. He went solo recently, to do the soundtrack for the indie movie, "Submarine." And I've been listening to it...

    Doesn't really remind you of a season-- but it does make sense that this song, "Piledriver Waltz" is in an indie movie. Reminds me of something that would sort of go along with your bad day, as you're trudging along. It isn't necessarily supposed to make you feel better, but think of it as a soundtrack to a mediocre day. Like the one I'm having :P


    He Says: Nautical Wear for Spring's Awakening

    Spring Awakening: The Nautical Style

    So I have been obsessed with Nautical wear lately as I prepare for the upcoming fresh Spring trends. This year we are going to see a definite influence of nautical inspired clothing; this includes stripes, blues, and navy tones accompanied with simplistic clothes that put it this way, move in the wind.

    Here are my tips for addressing your inner boatsman:

    How to Start: The Nautical style is symbolically unique because of the colors, navy and white. If you are interesting in exciting your inner sailor, perhaps purchase a white and navy striped shirt to start, then add to it. For more formal looks, perhaps try a collared shirt, and for more casual looks, a long-sleeved striped tee! As far as purchasing pants, generally navy goes well with white or light khaki, but if you are like me and can't give up black not even for spring, then go for it! Brands/Desginers: Club Monaco, Nautica, Ralph Lauren

    The Shoe: A must have in achieving the Nautical look are Sperry Topsiders; you can get the original navy blue like myself, or switch it up a bit and try a different color, they have many! Sperry Topsiders are boat shoes in short, they are made up a special leather, and are designed for an athletic purpose while still having a chic and sophisticated flare. They are affordable and can be found at all major department stores, so you shouldn't have difficulty finding a pair! ;)

    The Bag: Another suggestion would be to carry a bag, not a man bag, but a bag for men. There is nothing wrong with having a bag, it serves a purpose and it shows that you mean business. Since a majority of your outfit will probably be navy and white, I suggest purchasing a brown tote of duffle bag to offset the monochromatic tones. What you put inside is of course, up to you! Perhaps your favorite magazines, water bottles, ipods, etc. Whatever you want, the options are endless!

    The Windbreaker: Every guy needs a windbreaker this season, windbreakers are in! Here's why: Spring is still a chilly season, you need to keep warm without wearing a heavy trench or peacoat, so a windbreaker or other light jacket is perfect! I chose a very basic Ralph Lauren windbreaker in the image as a starting point. If you love basic styles, this is perfect, if you are more edgy, there are also other options to choose from! If you are interesting in windbreakers, I will be doing a post devoted to Spring Windbreakers so stay tuned!

    The Accessories: This is merely an option, I find that the best part of an outfit are the finishing touches. I have selected some nautical inspired rings, a navy nautical watch, Rayban Wayfarers and a spring scarf, if you feel the need!

    • I chose Rayban Wayfarers because they are classic and are sporty, yet not sporty in the sense that you can wear them while boating, but you probably can run a race in them. But I digress. :) I feel like every guy needs a black pair because they are iconic and are the original. However, you can find many colors that can compliment your color palette.
    • Rings: I know, rings may seem like over-doing it a bit, but let me explain. I chose these rings not only because they have anchors, but because these tiny accessories can make all the difference. Guys, people will know you have style by how you finish off your outfits. You gotta have confidence and the rest will be a breeze!
    • Watch: I'm not really a watch person, but the watch I chose, courtesy of Nautica, will give your outfit a different dimension. The silver will go so well with your outfit, the navy of course is appropriate. The watch will bring "pop" to your look, so why not try it?
    • The Spring Scarf: This is a tricky one. Spring is not really the season to wear a scarf, however, you will encounter those colder than usual days out at sea! Instead of buying a heavy wool or cashmere scarf, there are a lot of thinner and more spring appropriate scarves out there, you just have to fins them. This option is up to you if you feel like you need to keep your neck warm.
    Note that these suggestions work as little pieces to the puzzle; rule of thumb: keep it simple, this means not necessarily wearing everything at once, but somehow finding a simplistic and sporty look that fits your personality. My best wishes to you all!

    Fellow Sailsman

    He Says: Japanese Fashion Hubs

    Harajuku, Shibuya, and Omotesando Districts
    (photos above: Gwen Stefani & the Harajuku Girls, teenager in Harajuku)

    If there is one thing I am obsessed with, it is Japanese fashion. As someone who has been to Japan nearly 13 times, I have learned so much about my culture, but especially the fashion culture that is so rich and vibrant there. Japanese fashion has always been the inspiration for many Western individuals including Gwen Stefani and Lady GaGa. There are so many layers that make Japan's fashion scene so interesting and popular, and I will talk about some of these things below.


    Perhaps the most iconic part of Japanese fashion, street fashion. Japan is renown for its street fashion scene. The center of street fashion lies in the Harajuku district. Harajuku is known for its attention to younger fashionistas. Clothes here are mostly very affordable and fashion forward, and also emulates gothic, anime, punk, and other music-inspired styles. If I was to describe this place in one word, it would be "wacky!" Harajuku's main purpose is to house underground designers that have forward perspectives and styles. Harajuku is one station away from Shibuya-eki on the Yamanote-sen line.


    Shibuya is home to the higher end stores and brands, mostly American and European brands with the exception of high end Japanese brands. The Shibuya district is also the home of Shibuya 109, where Japanese trends begin. Shibuya 109 is a building across the street from Shibuya station. When you walk inside, you are immediately taken into a new world; mostly devoted to women's fashion, you see models who are wearing the latest trends, and are in complete makeup from head to toe, literally. It is one of those things you must see for yourself.


    Omotesando is Japan's Rodeo Drive. Nestled in between Harajuku and Shibuya districts, this street has it all. Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Tod's are just a few of the dozens of high-end stores Omotesando has to offer. Being in a rich neighborhood, you are immediately surrounded by Japan's wealthiest and prominent residents.

    As apart of my Japan Fashion series, my next post will include a special look into Japan's most prominent designers. Hold tight, but until then enjoy this brief post about Japan's major fashion hubs!

    Monday, March 28, 2011

    College Culture: Long Distance Relationships

    Because contrary to what the cynics say, distance is not for the fearful; it’s for the bold. It’s for those who are willing to spend a lot of time alone in exchange for a little time with the one they love. It’s for those who know a good thing when they see it, even if they don’t see it nearly enough. Yes, the long-distance relationship may be doomed. You can’t go on that way forever. But as long as you do, you’ll embody the twin virtues of independence and imagination. As you fall asleep alone, you’ll conjure the scent of your lover’s neck, the timbre of a voice over fiber optics, the ecstasy of seeing his face at the front door, which, thanks to him, is your favorite place in the whole house.

    College is hard. And not just in the school way-- my love life sucks too. I do recall introducing HW|SW as not only a fashion blog, but a culture blog as well. I'd be writing opinions when I wanted to, as well as if I had to. I'm writing about the culture I know right now: college.

    Every boy I know in college is either:
    1. Trolling for ass
    2. Gay
    3. In a long-distance relationship
    Yes, in a long-distance relationship. Even when everyone warns you to, "Dump and move on!" Sigh. I'd consider myself in one right now, but to be honest-- I don't know where that stands. Nor do I want to know. People say that distance doesn’t matter, but it does. The feeling of arms wrapped around bodies, and warm embraces beats Skype dates and text messages any day. You can’t base a relationship off distance and technology forever. I’ll take a real date over one over the internet. While I don’t mind falling asleep next to someone on Skype— I’d rather fall asleep next to them for real. I’d rather stare into his eyes while he brushes his fingers through my hair, and tells me he loves me.

    This is going to be weird, but after 3 years of being in on and off long-distance relationships, I’m sick of them. And while I don’t mind getting in another, I would prefer if the men did their share and at least closed the gap between the distance. It’s why I won’t move forward with the men I’m talking to— and it’s why they’ve pushed themselves away from me.

    I know a few of them can’t really do anything about it. Living in Australia does that to you, of course. The distance between Australia and where I live the majority of the time, in Omaha is pretty sizable. WIth that distance, it’s kind of wishful thinking. Whereas the guy that I actually want to be with is six hours away by car. That isn’t that far— and since it’s getting warmer, you can actually make the journey. Is it so freaking hard for me to ask for someone to actually just take me out on a nice date and not pretend we’re on one through webcam?

    Anyway, the point is: long-distance sucks. I hate it. But in any case, here are some gift ideas you can send your long-distance lover just in case the distance is hard. Or, at least essentials.
    Logitech Webcam C905 (best HD webcam for laptops)
    If you don't own a laptop with a built-in webcam, consider buying a webcam built especially for laptops. Nowadays, most laptops DO come with built-in webcams-- but your LDR will suffer without one of these puppies.

    BoldLoft's couple pillowcase series
    Couple pillowcases work well. Send your long-distance lover the other pillow case, and maybe spray a little bit of your cologne or perfume on so the smell lasts :)
    "Pillow Talk"
    If this actually existed, I'd be so much more down with being in an LDR. According to the project designer, "Pillow Talk by Joanna Montgomery is a project aiming to connect long distance lovers. Each person has a pillow for their bed and a chest sensor which they wear to sleep at night. The chest sensor wirelessly communicates with the other person’s pillow; when one person goes to bed, their lover’s pillow begins to glow softly to indicate their presence. Placing your head on the pillow allows you to hear the real-time heartbeat of your loved one. The result is an intimate interaction between two lovers, regardless of the distance between them."

    Good luck with your LDRs, loves. I'm off to discover myself as a single, confident and sexy college fashionista ;)

    She Says: Prom 2011 "Girly/Punk" Style

    I wish I was back in high school so I could try out some new trends for Prom 2011. The fact of the matter is, I hate traditional prom dresses. I think they're all so obvious and not at all trendy. They're too loud and brash, and some of the cuts on prom dresses today are ridiculous.  Then again... that could just be me.

    It's funny, because last year I broke the "status quo" of prom by wearing an extremely girly, ruffly, lacy peach cocktail dress and punked it up a bit using my favorite leather jacket and matching black cage heels. Which is a little funny because S/S '11 trends include "biker" inspired attire and lace. I guess it means I was ahead of the fashion pool by a year, eh? ;)

    Anyway, let's go along with style guides and suggestions for those of you who want to "spice" your prom look up a bit, or for those who have no idea what to wear at all.....

    For those of you that are huge "Betsey Johnson" fans (at my high school, it seemed like everyone wore a Betsey dress to prom. Ridiculous.), here are a few suggestions.  This is kind of what I did in highschool...
    Items starting from upper left corner, going clockwise: House of Harlow Valery Wedge, ROSEGOLD Sue Laceup Wedge, Report Signature Kay Studded Platform Pumps, Stila Smoky Eye Palette, Simone Leather Studded Jacket, (behind the Simone jacket: Burberry Prosum studded leather jacket and Steven Mercy Suede Platform Pumps), Flowerbomb perfume Viktor & Rolf, Vera Wang Princess, Betsey Johnson Eve Organza W/ Flower Dress, Betsey Johnson Evening Geometric Eyelet Strapless Dress, NARS Blush in Orgasm, and M.A.C. Lipstick in Shy Girl
    I'll tell you right now that this look isn't exactly for everyone. You will get a lot of weird looks at first, but it's unique and it'll help you stand out. Plus, your date will thank you in the long run. He just has to throw on a dress shirt, nice slacks, converse and a leather jacket. ;)


    She Says: Springspiration

    There are some days where you just want to post pretty pictures of pretty items you want to buy. This is one of those days.

    Music: I'd fly you to the stars & back again...

    I've told this story so many times, I don't really know if I can repeat it. An ex-boyfriend of mine introduced me to Joe Brooks' music, and while the relationship didn't last-- my love for Joe's music has. Whenever I feel sad or gloomy, I can always count on JB's (not Justin Bieber...) music to cheer me up. He also has the classiest fashion sense ever. Hopefully Diér can post something about JB's sense of fashion later, but I honestly wish my boyfriends could dress like Joe does. When I met him at his show, he was impeccably dressed. And unlike most celebrities, he actually wears things more than once ;) Surprising, eh?
    Ladies, if you want  your men to dress like this, I've done a "Dress Like Joe" article at my now-defunct Joe Brooks fansite (Sorry! I put all my time and energy into homework, my tumblr and now this blog!), located here.

    Music: Ain't no lover like the one I got...

    Even though the S/S '11 season is on in fashion-- there's little of it to be seen in Omaha. There are slight glimpses of it, and then snow comes falling back on us. Well, at least there can always be music to match the fashion of this season.

    This song is a little old, but it always cheers me up. It's so springy and summery, and makes me want to fall in love. It also has a retro vibe to it, which matches the fashions of this season! Enjoy "Brand New Start" by Little Joy.


    What She Wore: Lady Gaga Edition

    This might be a little late, but considering it's Gaga's birthday anyway, I thought this post was appropriate.
    Wolf Spirithood (, Marc by Marc Jacobs Cheetah Flock Zip Tunic, INC Black leggings
    Some of you may be asking, "Why in God fuck's name did you wear something like this?" I'll tell you why: the sheer thrill of Lady Gaga. You can't attend a concert like Lady Gaga without going a little overboard (Am I right, or am I right?) What I was wearing could have actually be considered tame compared to what some other people were wearing (including men!)

    What I Wore that night:
    Wolf Spirithood ( My standout piece for the night, the wolf spirithood added an extra dimension on the Cheetah Flock tunic that I wore

    Cheetah Flock Zip tunic by Marc by Marc Jacobs- I don't normally get to wear this piece out because it's a very bright shade of hot pink and the zippers on the side make it hard to actually wear seriously. However, since this WAS a Lady Gaga concert, I decided to whip this bad boy out and wear it. The zippers on the side helped out a lot, especially when it grew hotter, because then I could zip it up low enough to accomodate air to get to my body.

    INC Black Velvet leggings- Spicing things up a bit by mixing textures.

    Foley + Corinna Mini Disco City- My favorite bag ever. Large enough to hold my necessities, plus it's a crossbody and small enough to lug around everywhere.


    Round-Up: The Great Etsy & Ebay Vintage Pieces

    As a college student, I tend to peruse Etsy and Ebay for my greatest findings. And a lot of the time, I tend to find cute homemade things. (Such as a matching panda hoodie and shirt set) But recently, I've been into vintage and attempting to find vintage things online. Here are some of my favorite things that I've come across this week.

    This is a vintage Dominic Rompollo dress off of Etsy. Size S.
    Click here to visit Etsy listing.
    Seventies inspired wear is on my "watch" list, since that's becoming the trend for S/S '11. I'm very careful as to what I'm viewing. But this gorgeous Dominic Rompollo pleated chiffon dress is on my LOVE list. I wish I was a size 'Small', but maybe one of you can snag it?

    I'm such a sucker for Ebay. Half of my money is spent on things I've bought off of Ebay for a lot cheaper than what their market price is... Here are all the gorgeous things I have found on Ebay this week from the store "Thrifted." (
    Very chic, 70's inspired wear right now. I am loving the flowy fabrics being used, especially the chiffon. Ugh! So much love. But, let's not forget JEWELRY!

    One of my go-to jewelry ebay shops is Gypsy Warrior Vintage. A lot of their jewelry is actually 'new', but they have a very vintage feel to their pieces. But, I'm also into the bohemian thing, so here are some jewelry pieces from GWV that I am in looooove with.

    He Says: Happy Birthday Lady GaGa!

    Today is Gaga's Birthday Everyone!! *Note #bornthisday trending on Twitter! March 28th,
    1986, our beautiful Mother Monster was born!! I am completely excited. To honor my favorite pop diva, fashion icon, extraordinaire, here are some of her past looks from red carpet events to magazine covers!

    He Says: Prom Wear 101: Part 1

    The Best Prom Dresses Don’t Look Like Prom Dresses

    Prom season is rapidly approaching, last year, at my senior prom, I observed the trends that people chose to wear. Basically there are two types of prom dresses: prom dresses, and prom dresses that don’t look like prom dresses. Redundant? Let me explain.

    We live in an age where the prom dress does not have to be from a typical prom store, in fact, it shouldn’t. Prom dresses are chosen based on style and functionality, most girls want to buy a dress that can last them a dozen more wears. I cringe when I see those super bold and shiny dress materials (those silk charmeuse looking garments) slopped with excessive beads, sequins, and gems.

    Here are trends/decisions that should be avoided:

    Celebrity Fashion: Vanessa Hudgens

    I think after four years of hiding behind my dislike of Vanessa Hudgens (Come on, homegirl was dating Zac Efron aka my dream man for the past five years. How could I not?) I'm finally coming out of the envy closet. The girl has a seriously amazing stylist, because some of the things that I've seen her wear in candid photos, as well as to premieres has suited her perfectly. Her outfits are young, fresh, and suitable for who she is. It's almost endearing to see her go from a California teen (dressed in Hollister-esque attire with a strong "I'm-from-SoCal-let's-go-surfing!" type of vibe) to a pretty boho-chic inspired look that MK&A started years before.

    Unfortunately, homegirl must be going through a crisis because ever since her breakup (Sorry, Baby V-- we all know it's true) she's been experimenting with her life and pretty much going crazy with her look (and her men, but we're not going to comment on that. Unless you go older, there is no possible way you can upgrade from Zefron. I'm sorry.) And the experiments are not looking good at all... And I present the evidence to you below:

    L to R: Paparazzi/candid shot in front of her house in LA, Pure Nightclub in Las Vegas, NYLON magazine's anniversary
    Things that I don't like about her "new look?" 

    Her Haircut: You can sort of tell Vanessa is trying out a reverse ombre sort of thing (or she really just is not taking care of her hair at all) because she has oddly placed highlights on the bottom of her hair. In the candid and the Nylon party-- the lighter strands are more apparent. Unless styled properly, the cut doesn't flatter her at all (see picture one), and it just looks too messy. The cut looks alright curly, but Vanessa needs to make sure it doesn't turn out too frizzy, or else it will become the mess that it is in the first picture. And straight, the haircut just looks awkward and weird. But maybe that's because the headpiece is throwing me off. You can't wear a headpiece like that with a middle part. It looks best with a full head of hair and some texture!

    Her Makeup: While I'm glad she's experimenting with makeup, she's attempting to make herself look a lot older than she is and I'm not exactly happy about it. The dark makeup makes her look too old, and doesn't let her age as well as she is. She's part asian, come on! Enjoy and celebrate your youth. She's beautiful without makeup, and I wish she would stick to her old makeup techniques. The bold lip does not suit the girl, unless it's brighter. I suggest Vanessa sticks with brighter, more youthful lip colors. Maybe a bright pink, instead of a dark maroon. Or a bright red. Red is flattering on everyone. And it's sexy. You've done it before, try to do it again!

    Her Style as of late: Vanessa usually hits it pretty well with me, but lately she's been missing a lot. I didn't enjoy her Sucker Punch or Beastly premiere dress. The dresses in themselves are gorgeous, but they're too old for her! The outfit she wore at Pure Nightclub was too matchy-matchy and off-putting. If you want to mix patterns, make sure they're not the same type of print. The snake/reptile skin dress and cardigan were too much for me to handle. As is the first outfit: green and earthy brown. While I know Hudgens has more of a relaxed, SoCal, bohemian vibe-- this was, again, too "matchy-matchy" for my tastes. It just didn't vibe well with me. 

    Now let's see some of Vanessa's looks that I loved:
    L to R: ShoWest Awards, Candid in LA, Candid in Montreal
    THIS is the Vanessa I love to hate. She is fabulous, confident, and looks her age!

    I wish I could dress like Vanessa in the Montreal candid during the winter. It's a perfect look for colder weather: slouchy boots, jeans (with leggings underneath if you're in severely cold weather like I am a lot of the time), with the beautiful (I'm assuming) leather jacket in a color that is NOT brown or black. The last outfit is beautiful neutrals, and she does it well. It's a departure from her more bohemian style, but I love it. 

    The outfit in the center is at LAX, and I wish I could look that amazing while I was at an airport. I could throw on a nice dress, a cardigan, and some jewelry and just look great. She looks great in the picture in the middle!

    The last picture, the one at ShoWest is one of my favorites. The dress is sequined and looks great. I know minidresses and such aren't in anymore, but this one is one of the best I've seen on her. It's gold-- so it warms up her skin tone and makes her glow. It also provides enough cleavage, but isn't slutty enough to reveal too much of anything, and the length shows her legs off. Also, the makeup she's wearing suits the dress, which is the overpowering statement. And her haircut here is to die for. I love her long, flowing locks as opposed to her short, choppy ones. She looks young and vibrant. And generally a lot happier here!

    One of these days, I will probably get to posting a "Dress like" post of Vanessa Hudgens. But for now, bask in the fashion and hopefully Vanessa looks at old pictures of herself and realizes that maybe fashion isn't the correct mode to channel all that negative breakup energy into. ;) 

    Maybe instead of younger guys, she should look for a Jake Gyllenhaal type to date. That's a definite upgrade ;)


    Welcome to He Wore, She Wore.

    Hi everyone! Welcome to He Wore, She Wore. A fashion and culture blog written by two college students in the Midwest, Christa and Reid. I can't speak for Reid, but I'm completely addicted to fashion and everything that surrounds it.

    If you want to more about me and my foray into the fashion world and my favorite designers/labels, etc. , click to read more. Other than that, enjoy the blog!


    Welcome from the "He"!!

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