Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Music: Little Cup!

Sorry we disappeared again for awhile, you guys. :( The end of the year is approaching so I'm busy slaving my life away over papers (I didn't say that being a pre-med didn't come with a price...)
Good news though!
I am the PR intern for an alternative organic makeup line called Johnny Concert. Joanna, the owner and the founder, is a sweetheart. Check out the line!

In any case, "spring" is in Omaha. And by spring, I mean fluctuating temperatures. However, the new Thao & Mirah album is out, so I thought you all should listen to it. I'm more partial to the Mirah-led songs, but other than that-- I'm a big fan of the album.

This song is Little Cup. It's quirky and adorable.


By Sara Romero said...

i really like her voice, thanks for sharing :) Good luck on exams.


Sam Montes said...

Hey! I just checked out the line, I'm so happy that it's vegan and eco-friendly :D Defs been something I've been on the lookout for. Considering purchasing a few things in the future!!