Monday, March 28, 2011

Celebrity Fashion: Vanessa Hudgens

I think after four years of hiding behind my dislike of Vanessa Hudgens (Come on, homegirl was dating Zac Efron aka my dream man for the past five years. How could I not?) I'm finally coming out of the envy closet. The girl has a seriously amazing stylist, because some of the things that I've seen her wear in candid photos, as well as to premieres has suited her perfectly. Her outfits are young, fresh, and suitable for who she is. It's almost endearing to see her go from a California teen (dressed in Hollister-esque attire with a strong "I'm-from-SoCal-let's-go-surfing!" type of vibe) to a pretty boho-chic inspired look that MK&A started years before.

Unfortunately, homegirl must be going through a crisis because ever since her breakup (Sorry, Baby V-- we all know it's true) she's been experimenting with her life and pretty much going crazy with her look (and her men, but we're not going to comment on that. Unless you go older, there is no possible way you can upgrade from Zefron. I'm sorry.) And the experiments are not looking good at all... And I present the evidence to you below:

L to R: Paparazzi/candid shot in front of her house in LA, Pure Nightclub in Las Vegas, NYLON magazine's anniversary
Things that I don't like about her "new look?" 

Her Haircut: You can sort of tell Vanessa is trying out a reverse ombre sort of thing (or she really just is not taking care of her hair at all) because she has oddly placed highlights on the bottom of her hair. In the candid and the Nylon party-- the lighter strands are more apparent. Unless styled properly, the cut doesn't flatter her at all (see picture one), and it just looks too messy. The cut looks alright curly, but Vanessa needs to make sure it doesn't turn out too frizzy, or else it will become the mess that it is in the first picture. And straight, the haircut just looks awkward and weird. But maybe that's because the headpiece is throwing me off. You can't wear a headpiece like that with a middle part. It looks best with a full head of hair and some texture!

Her Makeup: While I'm glad she's experimenting with makeup, she's attempting to make herself look a lot older than she is and I'm not exactly happy about it. The dark makeup makes her look too old, and doesn't let her age as well as she is. She's part asian, come on! Enjoy and celebrate your youth. She's beautiful without makeup, and I wish she would stick to her old makeup techniques. The bold lip does not suit the girl, unless it's brighter. I suggest Vanessa sticks with brighter, more youthful lip colors. Maybe a bright pink, instead of a dark maroon. Or a bright red. Red is flattering on everyone. And it's sexy. You've done it before, try to do it again!

Her Style as of late: Vanessa usually hits it pretty well with me, but lately she's been missing a lot. I didn't enjoy her Sucker Punch or Beastly premiere dress. The dresses in themselves are gorgeous, but they're too old for her! The outfit she wore at Pure Nightclub was too matchy-matchy and off-putting. If you want to mix patterns, make sure they're not the same type of print. The snake/reptile skin dress and cardigan were too much for me to handle. As is the first outfit: green and earthy brown. While I know Hudgens has more of a relaxed, SoCal, bohemian vibe-- this was, again, too "matchy-matchy" for my tastes. It just didn't vibe well with me. 

Now let's see some of Vanessa's looks that I loved:
L to R: ShoWest Awards, Candid in LA, Candid in Montreal
THIS is the Vanessa I love to hate. She is fabulous, confident, and looks her age!

I wish I could dress like Vanessa in the Montreal candid during the winter. It's a perfect look for colder weather: slouchy boots, jeans (with leggings underneath if you're in severely cold weather like I am a lot of the time), with the beautiful (I'm assuming) leather jacket in a color that is NOT brown or black. The last outfit is beautiful neutrals, and she does it well. It's a departure from her more bohemian style, but I love it. 

The outfit in the center is at LAX, and I wish I could look that amazing while I was at an airport. I could throw on a nice dress, a cardigan, and some jewelry and just look great. She looks great in the picture in the middle!

The last picture, the one at ShoWest is one of my favorites. The dress is sequined and looks great. I know minidresses and such aren't in anymore, but this one is one of the best I've seen on her. It's gold-- so it warms up her skin tone and makes her glow. It also provides enough cleavage, but isn't slutty enough to reveal too much of anything, and the length shows her legs off. Also, the makeup she's wearing suits the dress, which is the overpowering statement. And her haircut here is to die for. I love her long, flowing locks as opposed to her short, choppy ones. She looks young and vibrant. And generally a lot happier here!

One of these days, I will probably get to posting a "Dress like" post of Vanessa Hudgens. But for now, bask in the fashion and hopefully Vanessa looks at old pictures of herself and realizes that maybe fashion isn't the correct mode to channel all that negative breakup energy into. ;) 

Maybe instead of younger guys, she should look for a Jake Gyllenhaal type to date. That's a definite upgrade ;)


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