Tuesday, March 29, 2011

He Says: Nautical Wear for Spring's Awakening

Spring Awakening: The Nautical Style

So I have been obsessed with Nautical wear lately as I prepare for the upcoming fresh Spring trends. This year we are going to see a definite influence of nautical inspired clothing; this includes stripes, blues, and navy tones accompanied with simplistic clothes that put it this way, move in the wind.

Here are my tips for addressing your inner boatsman:

How to Start: The Nautical style is symbolically unique because of the colors, navy and white. If you are interesting in exciting your inner sailor, perhaps purchase a white and navy striped shirt to start, then add to it. For more formal looks, perhaps try a collared shirt, and for more casual looks, a long-sleeved striped tee! As far as purchasing pants, generally navy goes well with white or light khaki, but if you are like me and can't give up black not even for spring, then go for it! Brands/Desginers: Club Monaco, Nautica, Ralph Lauren

The Shoe: A must have in achieving the Nautical look are Sperry Topsiders; you can get the original navy blue like myself, or switch it up a bit and try a different color, they have many! Sperry Topsiders are boat shoes in short, they are made up a special leather, and are designed for an athletic purpose while still having a chic and sophisticated flare. They are affordable and can be found at all major department stores, so you shouldn't have difficulty finding a pair! ;)

The Bag: Another suggestion would be to carry a bag, not a man bag, but a bag for men. There is nothing wrong with having a bag, it serves a purpose and it shows that you mean business. Since a majority of your outfit will probably be navy and white, I suggest purchasing a brown tote of duffle bag to offset the monochromatic tones. What you put inside is of course, up to you! Perhaps your favorite magazines, water bottles, ipods, etc. Whatever you want, the options are endless!

The Windbreaker: Every guy needs a windbreaker this season, windbreakers are in! Here's why: Spring is still a chilly season, you need to keep warm without wearing a heavy trench or peacoat, so a windbreaker or other light jacket is perfect! I chose a very basic Ralph Lauren windbreaker in the image as a starting point. If you love basic styles, this is perfect, if you are more edgy, there are also other options to choose from! If you are interesting in windbreakers, I will be doing a post devoted to Spring Windbreakers so stay tuned!

The Accessories: This is merely an option, I find that the best part of an outfit are the finishing touches. I have selected some nautical inspired rings, a navy nautical watch, Rayban Wayfarers and a spring scarf, if you feel the need!

  • I chose Rayban Wayfarers because they are classic and are sporty, yet not sporty in the sense that you can wear them while boating, but you probably can run a race in them. But I digress. :) I feel like every guy needs a black pair because they are iconic and are the original. However, you can find many colors that can compliment your color palette.
  • Rings: I know, rings may seem like over-doing it a bit, but let me explain. I chose these rings not only because they have anchors, but because these tiny accessories can make all the difference. Guys, people will know you have style by how you finish off your outfits. You gotta have confidence and the rest will be a breeze!
  • Watch: I'm not really a watch person, but the watch I chose, courtesy of Nautica, will give your outfit a different dimension. The silver will go so well with your outfit, the navy of course is appropriate. The watch will bring "pop" to your look, so why not try it?
  • The Spring Scarf: This is a tricky one. Spring is not really the season to wear a scarf, however, you will encounter those colder than usual days out at sea! Instead of buying a heavy wool or cashmere scarf, there are a lot of thinner and more spring appropriate scarves out there, you just have to fins them. This option is up to you if you feel like you need to keep your neck warm.
Note that these suggestions work as little pieces to the puzzle; rule of thumb: keep it simple, this means not necessarily wearing everything at once, but somehow finding a simplistic and sporty look that fits your personality. My best wishes to you all!

Fellow Sailsman

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