Monday, March 28, 2011

He Says: Prom Wear 101: Part 1

The Best Prom Dresses Don’t Look Like Prom Dresses

Prom season is rapidly approaching, last year, at my senior prom, I observed the trends that people chose to wear. Basically there are two types of prom dresses: prom dresses, and prom dresses that don’t look like prom dresses. Redundant? Let me explain.

We live in an age where the prom dress does not have to be from a typical prom store, in fact, it shouldn’t. Prom dresses are chosen based on style and functionality, most girls want to buy a dress that can last them a dozen more wears. I cringe when I see those super bold and shiny dress materials (those silk charmeuse looking garments) slopped with excessive beads, sequins, and gems.

Here are trends/decisions that should be avoided:
Silk Charmeuse: It seems to me that silk charmeuse is best when not used in a prom dress. 90% of all prom dresses are made of this silk charmeuse. This is that super shiny, smooth fabric that you see at every prom accompanied by tiaras, etc. Plus, night robes are made out of this. Here’s the thing, this fabric is best in shorter garments, not long. This is a very heavy and overwhelming fabric, and too much of it can be fashionably fatal because it creases very easily and must be steamed constantly. If you are going to go with this fabric at your prom please, wear it short. The idea when it comes down to it - people should see you not your gigantic train of fabric. As a rule, try and find a dress made of lighter fabrics, then you appear soft, subtle, and chic.
Tiaras: Disney princesses wear crowns, little girls wear crowns, real princesses and queens wear crowns, but 18 year old prom girls…no. Tiaras come off as tacky. I saw a tiara at my prom and let me say this, with the addition of an over-the-top baby blue ball gown, she looked like she walked out of a Disney fantasy…and not in a good way. Instead of using massive headgear, try this, do something awesome with your hair, flaunt your hair instead of adding a gigantic piece of jeweled metal on your head. Plus if it ain’t real, well, I rest my case. Elizabeth Taylor is the only woman who can get away with this. Why? Because first off, her jewels are real and second, she’s Elizabeth Taylor.
Prom Perms: Perms are so 80’s. Period. If you have naturally curly hair, embrace it. If you have a way of styling your curly locks, go for it. I suggest softer curls, or even a flat-ironed look. It screams chic, sophisticated, and modern. The permed hair screams prom, and based on what I mentioned about prom dresses period, the best prom hair doesn’t look like prom hair. Updo’s are stil great, down-do’s are in, the best thing to do is be simple and elegant with your locks, not complicated and overwhelming.
Color Palette: Personally, I’m not a fan a super bright and vibrant colors, I feel it sometimes takes the attention away from the person. Bright and shiny colors are best in shorter dresses because it is less fabric. You have to find a color that compliments your features, your skin, and your personality. In adherence to my prom saying, “the best prom colors are not prom colors.” This goes along with the fabric. Some color/fabric combos work and don’t work respectively. Light baby blue silk charmeuse gown-probably not the best idea. But for instance, a plum colored silk-like dress would work better. Ironically, the trouble with color selection is not the color itself, but the fabric; i cannot stress enough, certain colors can be ruined by just the fabric alone. So be smart! Trendy color palettes: purples, dark blues, soft colors, and metallics for the edgy spirits.
Stay tuned for Part 2 and other upcoming fashion tips. :) ENJOY!

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