Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Designer Spotlight: James Lillis for Black Milk Clothing

I don't know when my fascination with nebulae and galaxies started (hipster status, represent? Just kidding.) but when I tried looking for clothing with nebulas and galaxies, my search fell short. I either had cheap looking shirts that didn't even feature a nebula print-- or I had to lust over Christopher Kane's Resort '11 collection featuring a heavy amount of nebulae and space of which I could not afford.

Then out of the abyss came James Lillis' Black Milk Clothing line. A lifesaver by any means... Australian-based James Lillis started his leggings line in 2009. With a slow start, he slowly began to develop a cult following and is now one of the better leggings designers, with his collection available online. He also designs other items of clothing-- but his main focus is on leggings and swimsuits (at the current moment.)

Here are a few sprinklings of what I LOVE in his collection. I honestly just want to buy the whole store.
The Gold Cages.
 $150.00 (US) 
Silver Straps
Velvet Bell Bottoms (very in right now with the 70's trend!)
Sick of Men Leggings
Wolf Swimsuit
Black Ribs Swimsuit
Now, I'm aware that we all aren't made of money these days (especially with the economy...) but these are high-quality and handmade. He has a small team of people who help him make these beautifully printed swimsuits. Sizing is usually XS to L, but if you email their customer service (Linda, who is the nicest customer service representative ever! So helpful) they can make you a custom size for only $5.00 each piece. :)

Honestly, these are investment pieces. If you can justify wearing them with the price, it'll be well worth your while. Shipping to the United States (it is Australia, after all) is an additional $15.00, but if you follow their facebook group-- they usually offer sneak peeks and discount codes.

When I finally go home and get my packages, I'll definitely show you what they look like on and hopefully I can create an outfit.



By Sara Romero said...

those bell bottoms are to die for! Can't wait to see you rocking some outfits :)


Steffys Pros and Cons said...

i love the skeleton bathin suit it reminds of my pjs as a little girl!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

Nora said...

das erste und das letzte bild sind wirklich gut! ;)

JJ Linville said...

do u have the skeleton suit 4 men?

Hey There Delilah said...

I'm in love w/ BlackMilk designs.

I have the Retro Gamer and de Hex Colour Leggins and they're sooo comfortable and... just awesome!

I'm really happy about my purchases :)

Here you can see me w/ the Retro Gamer ;)