Monday, March 28, 2011

Welcome to He Wore, She Wore.

Hi everyone! Welcome to He Wore, She Wore. A fashion and culture blog written by two college students in the Midwest, Christa and Reid. I can't speak for Reid, but I'm completely addicted to fashion and everything that surrounds it.

If you want to more about me and my foray into the fashion world and my favorite designers/labels, etc. , click to read more. Other than that, enjoy the blog!


If you've continued onto reading this, congratulations! You're not really reading anything super interesting, but oh well! But hello, my name's Christa. I go to CU in Omaha, and for the most part, I love it. It's so much like home that I can't even believe it. But, there is bipolar weather, and I do miss the warmth of home-- as well as my family and friends. Island life isn't exactly what it seems though, and neither is living in Omaha.

I do love having the chance to finally wear some winter clothing. In fact, my favorite winter outfit would have to be this:

Black Hilary Radley coat, H&M red beanie, Banana Republic creme wool scarf, and purple & white gloves
Dressing in winter clothes makes me happy! Anyway, my fashion sense is a sort of West Coast meets East Coast and European fashion blend. I used to prefer minimalism (as evidenced by the outfit above) and loved wearing solid colors. Usually neutrals with a "pop" of color... in this case, red. Red is my favorite color. But, I've taken a liking to more "bohemian chic" apparel--  patterns and flowy wear are things I've been more drawn towards. I also used to never like jewelry, but now I'm amassing a whole collection of ear cuffs, rings and necklaces to add on to my outfits.

My go-to designer label is Marc by Marc Jacobs, as it's stuff that I love by one of my favorite designers, but at a much more moderate price level. Although I also do love classic designers such as Chanel, Prada and Dior. My favorite bags are my red Foley + Corinna Mini Disco City bag (which I bought for $100 on Black Friday!), and my Linea Pelle Dylan Zip Tote in Sand/Gold. I carry them both around with me everywhere, although the LP Dylan is more of a school tote than anything.

I'm a huge celebrity style watcher, and I love watching trends. I write half of He Wore, She Wore because I just adore fashion.
Enjoy your stay and hopefully you find something you like!

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