Monday, March 28, 2011

He Says: Happy Birthday Lady GaGa!

Today is Gaga's Birthday Everyone!! *Note #bornthisday trending on Twitter! March 28th,
1986, our beautiful Mother Monster was born!! I am completely excited. To honor my favorite pop diva, fashion icon, extraordinaire, here are some of her past looks from red carpet events to magazine covers!

Let's take a look at her the past outfits:
1. Alexander McQueen
2. Meat Dress Nicola Formachelli
3. Vevo Valention
4. Grammy Gown
5. Elle Magazine B&W

1st. VMA Throwback: GaGa in stunning vintage Alexander McQueen, and the infamous "meat dress." Gaga stunned the country when she arrived with gay marines as her dates of the night. Upon her arrival she had already won two VMA's and would win an addition 6 later that evening. She had a total of three outfits, this Alexander McQueen vintage gown, a black Armani gothic dress, and finally the meat dress.

2nd. I'm going to go more into detail about the meat dress. Lady GaGa was first seen wearing what looked like raw meat on the cover of Vogue Hommes Japan. No one knew that she would later ask Nicola Formachelli of Thierry Mugler to design the dress again for the VMA event. What shocked audiences most what the fact that she indeed managed to pull it all off, with the compliment of the meat purse and matching hat, it actually looked like an actual outfit. And I commend her so much for doing it! Definite highlight of 2010!

3rd. VEVO launch event. GaGa wears a lavender Valentino dress with the interesting choice on John-Lennon sunglasses and her iconic hair-bow. I really liked this look a lot because it had certain elements of opposition the wacky hair and elegant dress, the usual GaGa combo. The glasses edged up the entire look, and she rocked it!

4th. Grammy Throwback. One word. Armani. Her Armani custom-gaga'ed outfits are sensational, this silver one in particular was wacky, but still had a large amount of fashionable value. The color was stunning, the intricate detailing of the dress was impeccable, and structurally, it resembled a kimono-esque design. In addition to this dress, GaGa showed up at the Grammy's in a saturn-like Armani Privé gown, with a blonde yellow wig, smokey blueish eye shadow. Also her performance outfit was yet again Armani Privé; she wore a sparkly green leotard like garment with gigantic shoulder attachments, and complimentary pink triangles on her face. (which I learned is actually very symbolic to the LGBT community)

5th. GaGa covers Elle Magazine. GaGa is featured wearing Viktor & Rolf blazer with Vivienne Westwood heels. The Elle magazine articles were amazing, I think her beauty was truly and artfully exhibited, with these chic, yet unconventional pieces. In my opinion, Gaga looked like a movie star, her beautiful sharp features reminded me of the legendary Greta Garbo, the stoic, yet powerful facial expressions full of confidence, seriousness, and yet a hint of inner hidden playfulness. The entire photoshoot was astounding.

To all the many looks, we love you, Happy 25th darling, so glad you were born this way baby! Celebrate Gaga's birthday with her latest #1 hit song "Born This Way," which has been the top of the Hot 100 charts for the past 6 weeks, shattering records and continuing to dominate! Watch the fabulous music video below.

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