Monday, March 28, 2011

Music: I'd fly you to the stars & back again...

I've told this story so many times, I don't really know if I can repeat it. An ex-boyfriend of mine introduced me to Joe Brooks' music, and while the relationship didn't last-- my love for Joe's music has. Whenever I feel sad or gloomy, I can always count on JB's (not Justin Bieber...) music to cheer me up. He also has the classiest fashion sense ever. Hopefully Diér can post something about JB's sense of fashion later, but I honestly wish my boyfriends could dress like Joe does. When I met him at his show, he was impeccably dressed. And unlike most celebrities, he actually wears things more than once ;) Surprising, eh?
Ladies, if you want  your men to dress like this, I've done a "Dress Like Joe" article at my now-defunct Joe Brooks fansite (Sorry! I put all my time and energy into homework, my tumblr and now this blog!), located here.

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